Medicare 101: The Letter At The End Of My Medicare Number

Medicare 101: The Letter At The End Of My Medicare Number

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Medicare Number Code Breakdown:

A – Primary Claimant (wage earner)
B – Spouse (spouse of retired worker)
B1 – Aged Husband, age 62 or over
B2 – Young Wife, with a child in her care
B3 – Aged Wife, age 62 or over, second claimant
B5 – Young Wife, with a child in her care, second claimant
B6 – Divorced Wife, age 62 or over
BY – Young Husband, with a child in his care
C1-C9 – Child (includes minor, student, or disabled child)
D – Aged Widow age 60 or over
D1 – Aged Widower, age 60 or over
D2 – Aged Widow (2nd claimant)
D3 – Aged Widower (2nd claimant)
D6 – Surviving Divorced Wife, age 60 or over
E – Widowed Mother
E1 – Surviving Divorced Mother
E4 – Widowed Father
E5 – Surviving Divorced Father
F1 – Parent (father)
F2 – Parent (mother)
F3 – Stepfather
F4 – Stepmother
F5 – Adopting Father
F6 – Adopting Mother
HA – Disabled Claimant more details.. (wage earner)
HB – Aged Wife of Disabled Claimant, age 62 or over
HC – Child of Disabled Claimant
M Uninsured – Premium Health Insurance Benefits (Part A)
M1 Uninsured – Qualified For (but refused health insurance benefits – Part A)
T Uninsured – Entitled to HIB (Part A) under deemed or renal provisions; or fully insured who have elected entitlement only to HIB
TA – Medicare Qualified Government Employment (MQGE)
TB MQGE – Aged Spouse
W – Disabled Widow
W1 – Disabled Widower
W6 – Disabled Surviving Divorced Wife
WA – Railroad Retirement

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